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App Version 5.5.0 - Currencies, Timezones and Locations

  • Jun 20 24
  • Don

As a part of our continual improvement of the ...

App 5.3 - A new authentication experience and improved scheduling!

  • Mar 26 24
  • Don

We are preparing a release of our new 5.3 app ...

Engineering at Hypervolt

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At Hypervolt, we pride ourselves in being creators, artists, and in constant pursuit of excellence. Above all, we believe in striving to make great products

At Hypervolt, we believe design is as important as the code we write. To most people, design is the product. That's why we have always done our utmost to produce not just working software, but software that is very simple to use. We don't always get it right the first time, but our incredible community is always there to help us get better!

As we will soon surpass 1 gigawatt in connected grid assets, we always develop software in full view of our huge responsibility, not just towards our customers, but to the sustainability of electrification itself.

Although we are part of electrification, the most modern of transitions, at the core of what we do is something that has been around for centuries: Brilliant British Engineering.

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