Hypervolt App 5.3 Release


App 5.3 - A new authentication experience and improved scheduling!

  • March 26 2024
  • Don

We are preparing a release of our new 5.3 app this week, which should become available to all users gradually through the end of the month. We are going to be delivering more frequent releases as we continue to polish our platform and add new features and integrations.

As always, we encourage you to keep up to date with our app releases - either through manually updating, or enabling auto-updates in the App Store or Play Store. We regularly add functionality and improve application behaviour and want to make sure you’re all able to take advantage of these changes as they get rolled out!

What’s New

Streamlined Sign-In Process

We have moved to a new method allowing us to use native account credentials (Apple accounts on iOS or Google accounts on Android) for authentication, which significantly reduces the friction of signing in to your Hypervolt account. This allows you to use biometric authentication (such as FaceID and Touch ID), making the sign-in process even more convenient and secure. For the technically inclined, we’ve moved away from what was effectively a double-authorisation code flow and instead use a token exchange model, which avoids signing in via a browser to an account your phone already knows about: once the native account has supplied an access token this token is verified and swapped for a token to access Hypervolts APIs.

You will not need to change anything about your account, but you should expect to see a slight visual change on our sign in screen as part of this app release. At some point in the coming month you may get prompted to sign in to your account again - this is nothing to worry about. It is important that you continue using your original authentication method (either the email/password you created, or your linked Apple or Google account) for this purpose as creating a new account may make it difficult to access your charger controls and data associated with the old account. 

Energy Estimates for Scheduled Charging

When creating a new schedule using Boost or Eco mode, we are able to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of energy you would acquire during the charging window. We use the average grid voltage and the configured max current limit of your device to provide this estimate.


It is important to note that:

  • In both charging modes, the actual amount of energy transferred to your EV battery during a charging session will be affected by the battery capacity as well as settings on the EV that might limit charging activity.
  • In Eco mode, the estimate is based on full home generation. In some cases (such as a cloudy day where your solar panels are not generating much electricity) you will see less energy transferred over the charging session.

Schedule Countdown

We have refined the countdown to upcoming scheduled charging periods that was launched with the v5 app. Initially the homescreen schedule countdown would only work for schedules on the same day, meaning if you looked at the app at 6pm and your next scheduled charging period started at 1am, you’d see a notification that there were “No more sessions in place for the rest of the day.”

We’ve heard your feedback and updated this feature to show a countdown to the next scheduled charging period, even if it’s on a different day, to make it easier to see at a glance when it takes place!


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