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App Version 5.5.0 - Currencies, Timezones and Locations

  • June 20 2024
  • Don

As a part of our continual improvement of the Hypervolt user experience, especially for users in other parts of the world (such as Australia and Ireland), we are pleased to announce that we now have full-fledged support for changing the device timezone used for scheduling and historical data analytics as well as the currency used for tariff definition and cost calculation. The new app version is rolling out starting today and should be available to all users within 2 weeks!

We're introducing "Locations"

While this may seem like a minor change, it is part of a larger push to allow you to specify more things about a charger location:

  • Choose an energy provider for smart tariffs, such as OVO ChargeAnytime or Octopus Intelligent Go
  • Any home generation or energy storage systems you have installed
  • In the future, more information that will help optimise your charger’s behaviour and functionality.

You can now replace your charger without losing any data

These changes also mean that if you upgrade your charger, or need to replace it for any reason, we can aggregate your consumption data across multiple devices - a clear improvement from the past, when your previous usage data would be completely inaccessible once you’d swapped out the charger.

Updating your existing Location

For our existing users outside of the UK, we are able to perform a one-off backend migration to update the timezone and set the correct currency for your charger - please send an email to with the subject "Time Zone Support" and the following details:

  • The email address used for your Hypervolt account
  • Your charger id
  • The timezone and currency you would like us to update your Hypervolt device to

Our customer service team will process these requests in the order they arrive, so please bear with us as it could take up to 5 working days to see the changes reflected in your Hypervolt app! This process is a one-off, which means that once we update your charger to a new Location with your desired timezone and currency, you won't need to contact us again. Future analytics, costs, and scheduling, will simply just work with the updated information. 

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