Tesla Model Y: review

Electric cars Aug 27, 2020

We're very excited about the latest vehicle from car giant Tesla; the Model Y. It stands out from the rest of Tesla's portfolio as being the most affordable of the pack. The Y is Tesla's answer for a mass-market vehicle, derived from the best-selling Model 3 and sharing its drivetrain and 1/3 of the same parts, but with some key changes.

Tesla has adopted all the qualities of the high-performance sedan into a mass-market oriented SUV, slightly taller, longer and more spacious. And while it's typical for "every day" models to lose out performance-wise relative to their higher-cost "performance" versions, the same cannot really be said for Tesla's latest offering.

The Y is only fractions of a second slower from 0 to 60mph than the 3, with its (in)famous Ludicrous and Insane acceleration modes, and has an estimated range of 300 miles on a full charge. This sets a new standard for production electric cars. As Elon puts it:

"People don’t want to get to the destination with like 10 miles range. They want some reasonable margins. So I think 300... or close to 300 is going to be a new normal, call it 500 kilometres, basically, roughly.”

The design of the Model Y is consistent with Tesla's signature style, minimalistic and uncluttered. The massive screen is responsible for most functions of the car as always. This may seem odd as even the information present on the dashboard is now displayed on the screen.

In all, Tesla's newest release makes high-performance electric vehicles to new levels of affordability, further accelerating the switch to electric and benefiting the environment and our quality of life altogether.

While still not available in the UK, the Model Y is an exciting new addition to the EV landscape, and we expect to see many on Britain's roads soon.

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