More chargers needed: demand for local charging is outstripping supply

Charging Sep 18, 2020

According to a new study by Field Dynamics and Zap-Map, 9 out of every 10 British households that rely on public electric vehicle (EV) chargers are not within walking distance of one.

Public EV chargers are fast becoming an important part of urban infrastructure. The study highlights the importance of deploying enough chargers to keep pace with demand and positioning them where EV drivers need them. Smarter placement would benefit EV owners as well as charging network operators, boosting usage and accelerating uptake of both EVs and chargers.

Field Dynamics Managing Director, Ben Allan, has stated that:

“Placing public chargers is a difficult process as it requires the balancing of many conflicting priorities. But now there is a bedrock of robust data that planners can use to select their sites, placing fewer chargers at a lower cost while providing a much more inclusive service.”

The research will support the Government's latest plan to develop better and more accessible EV charging infrastructure, for example with the new £500m Rapid Charging Fund.

Hypervolt is on hand to fill this gap. With our range of smart, fast and affordable chargers we aim to bring rapid, smart charging to everybody. If in doubt about switching to an EV, get in touch. Our team of friendly experts is happy to help.

Whether or not you're within walking distance of a public charger, we would strongly recommend investing in charging at home. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Much lower cost - With Hypervolt you can schedule charging to minimise your bill. Suppliers now offer extra low cost or even free charging! You will save significantly versus using public chargers.
  2. Remote control - Using the Hypervolt App you can monitor and control your charging anywhere from any device.
  3. Faster charging - The Hypervolt Home 2.0 and Pro 2.0 will charge your EV at the maximum speed possible for UK homes.
  4. Solar charging - The Hypervolt Pro 2.0 automatically detects when your solar panels are generating more than your home needs, charging with 100% clean, free and home-grown electricity.
  5. Universal compatibility - Hypervolt is compatible with all mainstream plug-in passenger vehicles available in the UK.

Find out more about how Hypervolt can help you save time, money and carbon.

Interested in purchasing Hypervolt? Tell us about your purchase inquiry here!

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