May highlights: Hypervolt

Investment May 31, 2021

Hello EV charging fans.

Did you catch the announcement that more EVs were sold in the UK in 2020 than in all previous years combined...?!

An exciting statistic - the market is accelerating, and so is Hypervolt. Following a record month in April we're delighted to share our news from May.

Hit 170% of our sales target

We posted in April that we'd hit 135% of our revenue target, and in May we planned to do double.

We passed that and hit 170%, growing 2.5x month-on-month, and beating our target for the third month in a row.

2.7% UK market share - 3 months after public launch

According to government data, in May an estimated 1 in 37 of all the chargers installed under the UK OZEV grant scheme was a Hypervolt ⚡

We're super grateful and excited for all our new users. We believe it's down to our focus on software-first and design, for better experience and service, as seen in our reviews.

So far this is all word-of-mouth, but you'll be seeing us on Fully Charged very soon.

Disco mode

We've released disco mode for Hypervolt fans. It's getting rave reviews in our new Hypervolt Owners Facebook group.

The jury's out on whether disco can save the world, but we think the powerful software and flexible platform that sit behind it can 💃🚦🕺

Investment round closing in June

We have accelerated our private pre-funding round and are now almost complete. We'll close in June before launching on Crowdcube in July.

If you'd like to find out more, please contact

Now take it to the bridge.

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