Hypervolt wins double-backing for cutting-edge technology

EV charging Sep 07, 2020

£500k boost for leading smart charging provider with two Government grants and private match funding

Hypervolt, the UK’s leading innovator in home and workplace charging, has received backing from Innovate UK for two innovations aiming to radically disrupt the global charging market.

Hypervolt was selected from a field of applicants in the Government’s Driving the Electric Revolution initiative, shaping the future of Zero Emission Vehicles. Hypervolt’s innovative technology was selected from within this competitive field not once, but twice.

The grants are matched by a cash injection from private funders, bringing Hypervolt’s fundraising to £500k in the past six months alone. Hypervolt has never taken funding from outside investors. The funds will accelerate deployment of Hypervolt’s game-changing technologies to the UK market.

Flavian Alexandru, CEO said:

We’re delighted to have been selected by Innovate UK in this competition. The support recognises Hypervolt’s role in pushing the boundaries of smart EV charging, positioning Hypervolt and the UK as global frontrunners in the EV revolution.

Hypervolt aims to deploy the most advanced charging technology globally at a market-beating price. The latest funding will support R&D leveraging Hypervolt’s powerful software stack to integrate global sales pipelines through a disruptive commercial model. The work will also pioneer new communications capabilities for truly smart AC charging, unlocking the full potential of optimised smart charging networks in the energy system of the future.

The announcements come ahead of the launch of an exciting new customer offer in October, in which Hypervolt users will be rewarded financially for helping support their local energy system.

Interested in purchasing Hypervolt? Tell us about your purchase inquiry here!

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