Hypervolt begins Series A funding at £20m valuation

Apr 08, 2021

We are excited to announce Hypervolt has begun its first external capital raise to scale the business and launch into new global markets.

Hypervolt has closed the first tranche of funding with a valuation of £20 million GBP. The round will remain open until August 2021, with the majority to be raised from a small group of private investors before being extended via CrowdCube, with forecasted high demand.

Since the company's inception in 2018, Hypervolt has developed technology to position it as the World leader in integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, with an unparalleled software stack and disruptive cloud-based distribution model seamlessly integrating hardware and software.

Following commercial launch in 2020, the company has completed a successful first growth phase based on its home and workplace charging solutions with distribution across the UK, EU and globally. The company now seeks additional funds to scale its existing offering, develop new products, and strengthen its position in overseas markets.

Flavian Alexandru, CEO and Co-Founder said: "On behalf of the whole Hypervolt team, we would like to thank our investors for their support and confidence in our vision and strategy. We look forward to growing Hypervolt into a cornerstone player accelerating the world's switch to EVs."

If you are a prospective investor and are interested in investing in Hypervolt, there is limited remaining space in the private pre-funding prior to launch on CrowdCube this July. For more information please contact us at invest@hypervolt.co.uk.

About the company

Hypervolt develops, builds and deploys next generation EV charging technology. We believe charging should be smart, facilitate a sustainable future, and be affordable to everyone. The company's advanced software capabilities and vertical integration across the technology stack provide a seamless user experience and competitive, scalable distribution.

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