Hypervolt: the safest way to charge

Charging Jul 31, 2021

News today in the BBC has highlighted security flaws in some home charging products following penetration testing by 'white hat' hackers.

White hats are friendly hackers who do society a service attempting to break into software found in the goods and services we love and making the companies aware of their vulnerabilities so that they can be improved.

Hypervolt was included in the sweep of penetration tests carried out by the hackers mentioned in the article, and we are happy to share that no remote exploits or vulnerabilities were found.

We want to re-assure our customers that Hypervolt systems are ultra-secure.

We started Hypervolt to bring a tech approach to charging. To build products users love and keep accelerating clean energy and transport, we believe charging needs to be much smarter, and Hypervolt is not your average electrical device.

Each Hypervolt is a high performance computer, acting as one node embedded in our growing virtual private network, making Hypervolt one of the most connected devices on the market. The products and platform we've built provide our users with a leading experience, flexibility for new features and updates, and allow us to provide a leading service. It also means we transmit an unparalleled amount of data, and for that reason we take security extremely seriously.

We have opted to build a complete ecosystem; a unique approach to charging. Every line of code and piece of circuitry is carefully designed in-house by our team of technical experts, leveraging deep tech experience from Google, Twitter, ElasticSearch, Open Cosmos and more. We pride ourselves on setting a high bar for robust infrastructure.

We strive to build technology that "just works" from day one; no quarrels, backend issues, server problems, security threats or downtime. Our state of the art VPN provides confidentiality, authentication and cryptography in edge connectivity to remote devices. We have high integrity data streams built to scale to millions of remote assets, with zero outages or down time so far. The private keys we use are not available for cloning to third party observers.

We are also aware that this is a constantly changing field, and nothing remains static, so we must evolve with it. We put future proofing at the heart of everything we build and then iterate to perfect it with feedback and support from our wonderful community of users. We are proud and humbled to be the highest rated manufacturer in the UK, with 100% 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

Whist we carry out extensive penetration testing on our products, we're also contacting the BBC's friendly hackers to learn more about what they found.

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