The 2030 ban: What does it mean for EVs, charging, and the electricity grid?

EV charging Nov 27, 2020

New petrol and diesel cars will no longer be sold in the UK from 2030 - but we've got even greater news.

The 2030 ban has already led to a 500% surge in interest in buying electric vehicles (EV). If this translates into sales it would mean half of the cars in the UK would be electric by 2030, driving us closer to the green dream: fully electric transport.

But how will our electricity grid manage a fully electric road fleet? The answer is simple: smarter charging. But not how we currently know it...

The 2030 petrol ban is part of the Government's new 10-point 'Green Industrial Revolution' plan, with this revolution being led by a dramatic expansion of offshore wind energy. To halt global warming the grid needs to be completely clean-powered, which means at least two thirds "variable" renewable energy such as wind and solar that we can't control.

We will also need to double the power our electricity grid must hold by electrifying transport and heat.

Once we close our fossil fuel plants we will have fewer levers to pull to power up or down to meet increasing shifts in electricity demand our new clean energy sources.

So what is the best new approach to both absorb all the excess energy supply at night and reduce grid problems during the day caused by "peak" demand?

EV tariffs. These are cheaper during overnight periods and when renewable supply is highest; a neat solution when combined with automated smart charging like Hypervolt.

However, here's another problem not solved by EV tariffs and current smart charging: these solutions are focused on the national level and ignore what's going on at local scale.

Most of the electricity network is made up of the smaller poles and wires you can see in your street.

Introducing lots of EVs into a street could, in some areas, be more than those wires were designed for, even with overnight charging. They would be expensive to upgrade and paid for by all of us through our energy bills

We need new solutions to offset the cost of getting to a zero carbon grid.

Here, at Hypervolt, we're working on the answer.

We have received Government funding for a state-of-the-art charging trial to help manage local electricity grids.

We've developed an intelligent local smart charging feature, and we are looking for pioneer participants for our game-changing trial. It will be one of the first times any company is dynamically balancing a network of smart chargers at street level.

By avoiding costly, disruptive and resource-intensive upgrades we can re-invest in other things in our communities thanks to our trial innovators.

The Government is offering a large discount on our beautiful Hypervolt Home 2.0 devices throughout December and January as a thank you for those contributing to our clean energy future, together.

The race to zero carbon is on, and we are excited to be powering the future.

Thank you for reading!

Would you like to find out more about our local charging trial offer?

Tell us about it here.

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