Hypervolt gets Government backing for smart charging platform

EV charging May 15, 2020

Hypervolt has received a grant from Innovate UK, the Government’s arms-length research and innovation agency, to develop its smart local charging technology. Hypervolt’s platform has been recognised as a key component of smart local energy systems, and will be developed with Innovate UK funding over two years.

'Peak' electricity demand could increase by up to 50% by 2050 as the UK electrifies transport and heat in line with our Net Zero carbon target. This would put pressure on electricity grids, requiring substantial infrastructure upgrades. It is estimated that reducing peak demand through technologies such as smart electric vehicle charging could save up to £40bn by 2050.

Hypervolt Smart Grid

In the new project, Hypervolt will pilot a cutting-edge local charging platform that allows users to opt in to support their local electricity grid. The platform provides electricity network operators with greater visibility of charging, and ensures that “spikes” in electricity demand for charging can be managed within constrained local grids.

Using algorithms and demand prediction, Hypervolt's platform automatically schedules charging within and across neighbourhoods, smoothing local demand peaks whilst leaving drivers with full batteries in the morning. Neat! Hypervolt believes the technology will become mainstream in the future, and its users will be rewarded financially for the service. The two-year project will include a field trial of the platform with Hypervolt Home 2.0 users across the country.

The platform is one step closer to a 100% clean energy system. Smarter electric car charging will allow the country to install large amounts of wind and solar energy, matching electricity demand to supply and avoiding having to turn low carbon generators off. As solar and wind are already becoming our cheapest sources of energy, this makes a 100% clean energy system even cheaper and achievable sooner.

Flavian Alexandru, CEO & Founder, said: "This is an important step for smart charging in the early stages of the electric revolution. The technology choices we make today will shape our experiences in transport and energy tomorrow. We're delighted to have been recognised by Innovate UK and look forward to working with their support over the coming years in our mission to establish the UK as one of the forerunners in the electric revolution!"

About Hypervolt

Hypervolt is an innovative British charge point provider and smart charging network operator. We specialise in advanced charging technologies that help our users save money and reduce carbon. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles to help unlock 100% renewable energy, starting with the UK.

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