Hypervolt App Scheduling Updates

Hypervolt App Scheduling Updates

  • February 8 2024
  • Don

We have now completed our beta testing of our new scheduling functionality, Multi-Mode Scheduling, and will be rolling this out for all owners of Home 3.0 and Home 3 Pro chargers over the next week. This update addresses feedback we’ve gotten from many of you about the difficulty of balancing schedules across different days of the week and managing charging from your home power generation systems.

You can now define different charging periods, using different charging modes, based on both the time of day as well as the day of the week



This feature streamlines the schedule management process, making it easier to create schedules that will work for you throughout the week.


No action will be required on your part to enable this functionality, and we will automatically convert your existing schedules to the new format. This rollout has started and should reach 100% of Home 3.0 and Home 3 Pro users within the next week.

We cannot yet offer this functionality for Home 2.0 chargers, due to fundamental differences in that platform; however we are working to be able to provide this functionality later this year.

We are also continuing our work to integrate with OVO Energy’s Charge Anytime tariff and have seen promising results from our initial testing with their software development teams, and will share more news about this as soon as it is ready.

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