Hypervolt App 5.1 Release

Hypervolt App 5.1 Release

  • January 16 2024
  • Don

We have started the release of our new 5.1 app this week, with the first set of many improvements planned for this year. This builds upon the changes in our v5 app, released in November 2023, and should offer a smoother overall experience as well as some added functionality.

You can download the new app from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (Apple).

Apple App Store Google Play Store


What’s New

Consumption Report Direct Downloads

While the ability to generate an energy consumption report and receive it via e-mail was launched last summer, we’ve had regular feedback that you’d like a way to receive this data more directly.

With release 5.1, we have enabled a direct PDF download of this report from the mobile app, making it easier for you to immediately save or share it.

In-App Troubleshooting Guide

We have added a section in the Charger Settings that runs a few tests to verify that communication is possible between your mobile device and your charger, and can let you know what to do if any part of the link is not working.

troubleshooting example


What’s Next

We are in the final stages of revamping the way you can define schedules and apply them to your local charger, allowing you to automate your experience with solar panel and battery installations through multi-mode scheduling.

We have a closed beta with customers using Home 3.0 and Home 3 Pro devices who are giving us feedback about this, and expect to be able to make it available for all Home 3.0 and Home 3 Pro devices within Q1 2024. We also plan to expand this to Home 2.0 devices later this year.

We are also improving our integration with OVO Energy to support their Charge Anytime tariff, and are working to integrate with other popular EV tariff providers later this year.

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We hope that all of you are having a great start to the new year, and we will follow up with more news as soon as we are ready! Our team continues to work very hard behind the scenes to bring even more exciting things to your Hypervolt devices!

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