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Consumption Reports Beta Release

  • May 2 2023
  • Charles

We are pleased to announce that with the beta release of version 4.3.0 of the Hypervolt App, you will now be able to generate energy usage reports for your charger.

Initial Beta Test - 50 slots available

This is a very complex feature designed to suit customers that are claiming back their charging costs from their companies. We want to give them a simple way to do that, without having to come to our customer service department.

If things go wrong or numbers don’t look right, our engineering team will review everything on a case by case basis to isolate the specific set of circumstances that can produce incorrect numbers over specific timeframes. These reviews involve carefully inspecting hundreds of millions of data points and making sure that all the intermediary values used to create the overall report are correct.

Due to the potential effort involved in these investigations if things go wrong, we are looking for 50 willing participants to test out the new feature and make sure we have really got it right.


Over the coming weeks, as we make sure customers are happy with everything we have delivered, we are going to continue progressively expanding the beta to the point where a more significant portion of our customers have validated the feature.

Once we complete full scale testing, we will be in a position to release the new functionality to everyone.

How to Join

We leverage Apple TestFlight and Google Play Store to allow for secure access to new app releases. Access is granted automatically on a first come first served basis, and when the beta reaches the quota, there will not be any more seats for that batch. However, we are working very hard to test the new release with support from our customers, with a view of rolling out to everyone as fast as we are able to.

Here are the links for the beta testing groups

  • For Android (AppTester): 


  • For iOS (TestFlight): 

    How to generate reports

  • Navigate to the History tab in your app
  • Enter the start and end date for the period you’d like to cover
  • Once the sessions show up, you can click the Generate Report button and we’ll create a custom report pdf, which will be sent to your email address

There are some very important things to be aware of:

  • In order to get accurate cost data in the report, you must have entered your tariff correctly - otherwise we will not be able to calculate your electrical cost. We are not currently able to edit historical tariff data, so it’s important that you keep your tariff information up to date in the app!
  • If your charger is offline for significant periods of time (days) we may not be able to correctly identify all of your sessions. If we are not able to correctly identify when charging took place due to the charger being offline, the charging data will be excluded from the report..
  • The report is based on the total electricity consumption through the charger; it does not currently distinguish between different power sources (e.g. grid power and solar power).
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