Hypervolt - Adaptive replay engine


Hypervolt - The adaptive replay engine

  • March 11 2024
  • Charles

A new feature

Over the past few months, we have been extremely hard at work to prepare for our next major feature release for our 3rd generation platform, for now available only for our 3rd generation product, the Home 3.0 and the Home 3 Pro, with a view to bring this to Home 2 devices at a later point in time.

This has entailed extremely complex work on our cloud technology, and we are incredibly excited to be bringing this industry first to the market, and even more excited for future features it unlocks!

The New Adaptive Telemetry Replay Engine

At Hypervolt, we don't assume all our customers have ultra internet, with zero outages and perfect Wi-Fi. We are happy to report our analytics  will now work for customers even after internet cut outs, or for those with old routers, thick walls, you name it, this is thanks to our Adaptive Telemetry Replay technology.

Thanks to this latest feature chargers coming back online after a period of being offline will stream back missing data. This means data not streamed to our cloud during periods where your Hypervolt Home was disconnected from the internet will be included in analytics soon after reconnection.

Our UltraGrid Cloud technology will automatically work to repopulate chunks of missing timeline from devices that went offline, ensuring that we are able to restore accurate timelines for our customers when devices come back online. Leveraging our pre-existing investment in very large but highly optimised telemetry density, we are able to restore very old timelines

Measurement accuracy

We know accuracy and availability of energy and cost data to our customers is important, and for things like expense reporting it's critical. So our Offline Telemetry Replay technology ensures data reaches the app in spite of periods of devices being offline, and our engineers ensure the numbers are as sound as they can be.

An industry first

The adaptive telemetry engine is an industry's first, as we begin to focus more and more on a mature product offering, ensuring our customers can enjoy the most important features of their Hypervolt products, such as accurate analytics and consumption reports, in spite of the real world constraints of Wi-Fi connectivity. The one thing we've learned from many many tens of thousands of customers is that Wi-Fi will never be perfect, and we must simply create technology that is adequately equipped to deal with the real world limitations of it.


We have began quietly rolling this feature out over the past few days, gradually enabling it for more and more customers, and expect to reach general availability over the next few weeks. As always, we are monitoring and testing extremely carefully. This is the result of many months of advanced engineering work, and a very substantial upgrade to our analytics engine that we expect will unlock a lot of new features down the road. We are mindful that sometimes more polish could be required before we reach a stable feature.

Customers won't need to do anything to benefit from this feature.

Our AutoBot engine will automatically perform all required firmware and cloud upgrades quietly and invisibly, ensuring we are able to consistently upgrade everyone to use the best and latest features. For now, this feature will be available only to our 3rd generation customers, as we are extremely focused on being able to support advanced tariffs such as OVO Charge Anytime and Octopus Intelligent.

The adaptive replay engine allows our Energy Retail partners to obtain extremely accurate data from our chargers, with the assurance that they are able to price energy consumption correctly even in situations where chargers could go offline for various reasons.

What's next

We have been working hard on launching a beta for OVO ChargeAnytime, and together with the OVO and Kaluza teams we are hoping to follow up with fresh news on next steps within the coming weeks. We have also been working in the background on other popular tariffs being compatible with Hypervolt products, with more news to come at a later stage!

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