April highlights: Hypervolt

Investment Apr 30, 2021

We've had a very busy month at Hypervolt and wanted to share some of the highlights we're most proud of. Thank you so much to our fantastic customers, new investors and brilliant team.

We are close to meeting our pre-funding investment target before going live on Crowdcube; if you're interested to join us please get in touch: invest@hypervolt.co.uk.

New reviews

Customer service and experience is our pride, joy and core obsession. We received a new 5-star review every 3 days, maintaining our perfect score. Feedback helps us improve, so we're always available on the phone and respond to 100% of enquiries on the day (average 40 minutes). It's  worth it when we receive reviews like this: Hypervolt Reviews | Trustpilot.com. Thank you!

New features

Our wonderful tech team have been busy releasing a host of exciting new features: you can now ask Alexa to schedule your Hypervolt, take a look below; our new smart charging app is now available on iOS and Android for scheduled charging, spend tracking and customising your Hypervolt's LEDs and more; automated load management is now available (with responsive LEDs to boot); we've given our website a fresh new look!

New customers

The EV market is booming and we're super excited to be a part of accelerating it. One month into the new financial year and we hit 135% of our target. Based on Government data we are capturing 2% of UK OZEV installs 2 months after public launch. Thanks so much to our new customers for choosing us, we hope you love the product and would love to hear about it.


We are presently inviting private investment in a pre-funding round that we will close by June. We have almost hit our target, and plan to launch on Crowdcube in July. To support the raise we will be featuring on Fully Charged, TEDx, EarthX and Clean Equity Live, all in July! We've just filmed an episode and can't wait to share it with you. Some behind the scenes action below.

Thank you again to all those who have joined us this month, we're excited for what's the come and look forward to sharing more.

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